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About Faith in God

Faith in God is shaken when we blame Him for the free will choices of human beings -- or judge Him for the divisive dogmas of man-made religions. But hang onto your faith, and God will repay you by showing you the silver lining He puts inside every tribulation you or the world around you may contrive.

About Faith in Life

When we lack faith in Universe Process -- the very process that has upleveled us so far -- we make further progress terribly difficult. We need a positive attitude towards our future. THAT is faith in life -- positive conviction that things will go right and well in becoming.

About Faith in Self

Strong and abiding faith in self is essential to the higher realization of one's own personal potential -- especially when it comes to spiritual potential. Faith in the power and value of works -- that is, ACTIVE, LIVING spirituality -- is also essential for healthy spiritual development.

About Faith in Others

Unless we view others with appreciative understanding of their real nature and potential, our approach will not allow for spiritually beneficial exchange. Positive faith in others attunes us to that in them which is beautiful, and it brings out the beauty in both of us.

About Faith in Organizations

Joyful human fellowship is the will of God, and the desire of every spiritual seeker. However, not every group is right for every person, and what fit well in the past may be outgrown today. Be assured, there IS a place for all seekers after truth who crave resonance and support for their Godly aspirations. Those who preserve their faith will find the fellowship they seek.