Every child of God possesses certain qualities, abilities, and values by virtue of Divine heritage. But it is up to us to manifest those gifts. As our powers are progressively realized, their use enhances self-esteem and faith-confidence by leaps and bounds.

The spiritual faith in oneself that allows for a dynamic life of living cooperation with the Divine will is NOT the error of UNDUE faith in self; rather, it reflects strong confidence in Providence and Providential guidance. A man or woman with this kind of confidence can and does take decisive action in the face of the difficulties, the challenges, and even the uncertainties of life. Without this kind of confidence, the outworking of the Divine will is not expedited, or even served, but is delayed.

Informed by the understanding of Universe principles, aided by the assistance of inner guidance, and employing the help of circumstantial opportunities of all kinds, the faithful individual pitches in with his own personal and sincere effort toward self-realization.

I've had a lot of failures in trying to live a spiritual life, and I'm afraid to try again - perhaps I'm not really the spiritual type.


At a certain point in my involvement with my spiritual group, I plateaued out and felt unable to transcend my limitations or progress spiritually or socially.