This site is dedicated to assisting people who are experiencing a crisis of faith. The site is organized into the following areas:

Faith in God

Faith in Life

Faith in Self

Faith in Others

Faith in Organization

To access the help available on this site, use the link above or click here to go to the Faith Crisis Areas page. Follow the links on that page to explore the areas of faith that most interest you.

The opening page for each faith area contains some explanatory text and a list of issues which relate to that area. If you wish to go deeper, you may select individual issues to consider.

If you have questions as you read through the material on the site, or if you have an issue relating to faith or spirituality which is not addressed, you may write to us at any time using our contact us page. Each question we receive will be personally answered. In addition, if we believe others could benefit from your question and its answer, an edited version of it could also be added to our FAQ page (planned for the future), or to our lists of faith area issues as well. Whether we publish your question or not, your identity will be kept completely confidential.