Will God never intervene to save His suffering children?

The world’s spiritual traditions all contain stories of miracles and Divine intervention. But for us to expect that kind of help under ordinary circumstances is inappropriate. Such rescue is for emergency use only — similar to the safety net function rendered by earthly parents to their children. It is properly provided only after we have done everything we can to resolve the problems we face.
Under normal conditions, we should rely not on Divine intervention. Instead, we should rely on:
  • the operation of Cosmic Laws that God has programmed into the Universe (such as, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”);
  • the intuitive understanding of life principles which God has installed within us, and which He constantly refreshes through the still small voice;
  • the use of God’s precious and powerful gift of free will, which He has granted us to tackle the problems of daily living;
  • diligent and constructive personal effort.