Faith Crisis

Are you or someone you know experiencing a Faith Crisis?

Maybe this website can help you! was created to provide understanding and unbiased help to individuals who are experiencing a crisis of faith — no matter what their spiritual or religious affiliation. Our sole purpose is to help resolve inner dilemmas and conflicts related to religious and spiritual involvement.

Our philosophy is simple and non-doctrinal. We aim to support people whose faith has been shaken — whether it be their faith in God, in themselves, in their fellow man, in life. And, for those who value spiritual fellowship, we support faith in ongoing organizational involvements — either with their current group, or another.

What we do.

The Faith Crisis website helps people through their faith crisis and its associated concerns, in two different ways:

  1. Topical information on faith crisis topics. This web site offers clear and concise written material on faith crisis issues.
  2. E-mail correspondence. We have an experienced, sympathetic staff to answer questions and offer individual support via email.

What we don't do.

  1. We don’t charge for any service.
  2. We don’t push anyone towards any particular religion, or in any way act as a religious referral service.
  3. We don’t help people choose new religious options.