Faith Crisis

Faith in Life

People often blame God for the myriad tribulations of earthly life — assuming, foolishly, that the things that happen randomly or as a result of human choices are God’s will. Along with the belief in a malevolent or vengeful God comes the belief in a perilous Universe Process. The safety and merit of each successive rung in the universe ladder of ascension is questioned. We begin to fear evolutionary becoming altogether. Under those discouraging conditions our progress slows and stops.

Why not presume, instead, that everything that’s next is going to be better — just like every next step before was better? When that is our presumption, faith in the Universe Process becomes a basis for discovering and progressively mastering the mysterious spiritual science of living. Through understanding the use of free will and studying the principles that work together with free will to create effects, we rise from the position of helpless fear to the higher position of responsibility, competence, and control. That’s the way to use faith in life to our advantage.

List of Issues

The state of the world has gotten so bad, it seems obvious to me that I have to withdraw from it in order to be spiritual.

So much of what happens in life and in the world around me is out of my control; I feel like a victim of my circumstances.