Faith Crisis

Faith in Self

Every human being is endowed with certain God-given qualities, abilities, and values, but it is up to each of us to discover and manifest those gifts. As we exercise our powers and bring our gifts to life, our self-esteem and faith-confidence grows by leaps and bounds.

However, spiritual faith in oneself does not come entirely from relying on oneself and one’s own personal efforts. It grows as we develop trust in our spiritual sources, within and without, and willingness to follow those leadings. When we have this kind of confidence, we can and do take decisive action in the face of the difficulties, the challenges, and even the uncertainties of life. Our faith allows us to lead a full and active life of living cooperation with the Divine.

Then, using everything we understand, the Divine guidance we receive, and the graceful opportunities life brings, we confidently contribute our own personal and sincere efforts toward the outworking of the Divine will on earth.,

List of Issues

I’ve had a lot of failures in trying to live a spiritual life, and I’m afraid to try again – perhaps I’m not really the spiritual type.

At a certain point in my involvement with my spiritual group, I plateaued out and felt unable to transcend my limitations or progress spiritually or socially.