Faith Crisis

Faith in God

Faith in God is a universal impulse in the heart of every child of God. But in our minds, doubts and misunderstandings can raise questions that cause us to lose faith.

One of the most common misunderstandings is the belief that the Divine will provide all the needs and solve all the problems of the faithful. Such a view is sure to disappoint us with its results. While God wants what is best for us, He relies on us for manifestation. And like any wise parent, He will help us solve our problems, but generally won’t intervene on our behalf to eliminate them, and the lessons they contain.

Unfortunately, religious interpretations of faith in God tend to promote a more or less childish form of dependence. The spiritual truth that “God loves us no matter what” may encourage unhealthy complacency. Of course we want to be loved unconditionally for who we are. And we’re happy to receive a spiritual inheritance based solely upon Divine family membership. But even so, as we mature we outgrow the desire for unreasonable or irresponsible dependence on God. We want to be contributors, not freeloaders, in God’s Kingdom.

A durable faith includes faith in God and in the efficacy of conformance with His cosmic law — in the spirit of “God helps those who help themselves.” When we accept an active role in the outworking of the Divine will on earth, we are restored to a viable and enduring form of faith in God — one not easily shaken by the challenges and setbacks of earthly existence.

List of Issues

I had faith that God would take care of me, but my life is a shambles. Now my faith is shaken. If there is a God, He certainly didn’t take care of me.

Would any loving Father allow His children to have so much misery (the misery I feel in my life, the misery I see in the world around me)?