Faith Crisis

Faith in Others

Faith in others honors the Divine potential of each and every child of God. Real faith works always to bring out the best in people.

It is true that human beings have destructive propensities, and may, at times, misdirect their free will to unfortunate effect. However, it is always discouraging to place excessive emphasis on human fallibility. We must remember that the heavenly safety net afforded by an attitude of good will toward others far outweighs, in its protective value, all the cautious and fearful strategies in the world.

Despite the occasional-but-inevitable instances in which someone’s advice misses the mark, deep and abiding faith in the value of the discernments of one’s fellows is absolutely essential to spiritual progress. It would be far more dangerous to imprison oneself in a spiritual vacuum through chronic distrust than to openly receive advice from every fool in the world.

List of Issues

It has been impossible to communicate about problems with the peers and authorities in my church or spiritual organization; I’m unable to discuss grievances and differences.

Now that I left my church or spiritual organization, I feel isolated and alone. I don’t trust anyone to understand my experiences or give me an objective point of view.