Faith Crisis

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LoveTrust is a non-profit organization dedicated to discovering, living, and supporting in others the most universal and essential truths of spirituality. We are practical and down-to-earth. We are pro-spiritual, but have no religious bias either for or against particular religious persuasions. We try to speak to people on any path — or no particular path — in terms that they can understand and recognize as spiritually authentic and sympathetic.

The main thrust of our efforts has been to ascertain what is universal in spiritual values. We are quite satisfied — not just from intellectual research and study, but also from in-depth conversations dealing with the concerns of people all over the world — that certain spiritual and moral principles are respected by virtually all religions (and indeed by virtually all human beings). Perhaps the universal recognition of these principles is attributable to similarities among the world’s religions. But we suspect that certain values are espoused by all religions because nearly all people intuitively accept those values as good and true. That is not surprising, because after all, we are all God’s children.

We believe that the deepest and most powerful elements of faith are not dogmatic beliefs, but intuitive understandings. Thus, we feel that faith crisis can best be resolved — and perhaps only be resolved — not by providing more (or different) religious dogma, but by referring the individual back to their own essential, deeply personal convictions.

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