Faith Crisis

Unbiased help and understanding during a crisis of faith

The modern crisis of faith spawns troubles on every level of society, ranging from interpersonal relationships, to marriage and family relationships, to international relations. Without faith, the values upon which social harmony depends break down. We can all clearly see that when primary faith elements collapse in a person, the feeling of personal well-being seems to diminish—and, disturbingly, human and ethical values may erode as well.

Thus, we view our work in dealing with faith crisis not as an exclusively spiritual enterprise, divorced from practical life and from human survival, but as an essential work for the protection of modern society.

Protect and preserve faith

Our purpose is simple and straightforward: to help protect faith in all its forms from the ravages of doubt and disillusionment. We wish to protect and preserve people’s faith in:

  • God;
  • Themselves as children of God;
  • Human beings in general; and
  • Universe Process.

Encourage fellowship involvements

In addition, we hope not only to help people maintain faith itself, and the values and virtues that faith upholds, but also to help people maintain spiritual involvements.

Faith itself calls for, and encourages, some form of social involvement. Spiritual fellowship, and the opportunity it offers us to put faith into action in practical and cooperative ways, has stabilizing and healthy effects. Generally, such involvement enhances and resonates faith.

Some people in faith crisis will be able to make peace with their current church or community. Others will have already broken organizational ties, but can be encouraged to find new social expressions for their faith. Still others will choose to continue their spiritual quest on their own for now. Whatever an individual feels is the right choice, we will support it. In every instance, our purpose is the same: to protect the essential elements of personal faith, so individuals can either reconcile with their current organizational affiliations, or move on with their faith intact.